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As a parent, the last thing you want to worry about when delivering your child is medical negligence committed by your doctor. At DeZao Law, we recognize birth injury for what it is: medical malpractice of the most severe variety. With a personal interest in winning your case, we promise to fight for the settlement you deserve.

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It’s no secret that having a child can be of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Whether it’s your first, third, or fifth, it is never easy to deal with all the variables that arise from having a child. In pregnancy, there is already enough stress when everything goes smoothly. But, what happens when the doctor is negligent?

You consult with a birth injury lawyer.

At DeZao Law, we take your birth injury claim personal. We understand the stress and fear that this sort of medical malpractice can put on your family and we work to ensure you receive just compensation.

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Whether this malpractice resulted in disfigurements, brain injuries, or wrongful death, dealing with birth injury is not something any parent should have to endure. It’s unfortunate that doctors may still make these mistakes, but when they do occur, you won’t find anyone who will support you better than a lawyer at DeZao Law. With experience navigating this sort of case, we are by your side every step of the way, fighting to ensure you get what you’re entitled to. Remember, with us, it’s personal.

Getting the Settlement You Deserve

In many cases of birth injury, the unfortunate reality is that no amount of financial compensation will make up for the level of malpractice. When deliveries are mishandled and life-threatening injuries are sustained, there’s more on the line. At DeZao Law, we take this sort of malpractice personal. We understand the fear and pain this can place on you as parents and we fight hard to ensure you not only receive the highest level of compensation but that you also get the support that you need.

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If you have questions about your case and need to consult with a New Jersey birth injury lawyer, know that James DeZao and his team are here to help. When we go to work for you, we promise two things. First, we’ll fight to get the settlement you deserve -because it’s personal. Second, you won’t have to worry about paying a dime unless we win the case and you walk away with a successful settlement.

Whether you know you have a claim or not, we encourage you to contact us by phone at  1-833-JIM-HELPS for a free consultation. You can also send us an email here. With a DeZao Law New Jersey birth injury lawyer on your side, you will ensure justice is working for you.

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