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NJ Minors Dram Shop Law
New Jersey treats providing alcohol to minors with great severity – especially if said minor goes on to cause an accident. The state’s social host law does not outright state that anyone injured by a drunk minor can sue a bar that served that minor. However, that creates a unique opening through which someone who is too young to drink legally can file a claim against the person who gave them the drinks. Here is
common items in a prenuptial agreement
Prenuptial agreements may not be a favorite topic of discussion before marriage, but they serve an essential role. From protecting assets to determining the living arrangements of children, and everything in between, a good prenuptial agreement can help couples feel at ease over their financial arrangements when entering the bond of marriage. Here are five common items found in prenuptial agreements. Provisions for Children from Previous Relationships One of the more common items included in
The Different Types of Child Custody

The Different Types of Child Custody

Posted by Jim DeZao on September 26, 2018
Category: Family Law
Child custody can be a difficult subject to broach when negotiating the terms of a divorce. However, it is a necessary and vital conversation, and the question must be answered. The co-parents and the court will have to come to an agreement on each detail of the arrangement. Among the topics they will need to settle is precisely how present each co-parent will be in the life of the child (or children). There are a
Social Host Liability Laws in New Jersey
When someone hosts a party or other social gathering, they have a responsibility not just for their guests’ well-being, but also for their guests’ conduct. This behavior is not just good etiquette. In certain states, including New Jersey, the law requires it.  If something happens because of the drunken actions of a party guest, the victims of these actions might be able to hold the party’s host liable. Anyone in New Jersey could benefit from
Sometimes, a weight-loss product or dieting program can seem too good to be true. Companies have manufactured dietary supplements and promoted them with false or misleading promises, and the federal government and state governments have had to fight them when users of these products start showing serious side effects. Such is the case with ephedra, a once-popular stimulant now severely restricted by the Food and Drug Administration. Here is some information on ephedra dangers. What

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