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What Injuries Could Lead to Dram Shop Liability Claims
Whether driving down the road, walking down the street, or simply sitting and minding your own business, there are few things that disrupt your day more than a publicly intoxicated person. When an encounter with such an individual leads to violence or injury on your part, you should understand your rights under New Jersey Law. Dram shop liability was designed to protect you from this sort of injury by offering an avenue for recovering damages
Dram Shop and Social Host Damages - What Can You Recover
If you are involved in an accident with an intoxicated person, you can file personal injury claims against the other party. New Jersey law also holds accountable the vendor who has irresponsibly sold liquor to the other party, which caused him or her to become more intoxicated and be a hazard to the community. These claims are more commonly known as dram shop claims. The term comes from the word dram, a unit of measure
How to Cope with Physical Injuries After a Vehicle Accident

How to Cope with Car Accident Injuries

Posted by wpadmin on November 14, 2018
Category: Vehicle Accidents
A car collision or motorcycle collision may start and end in only a brief yet terrifying moment. The injuries you could sustain from that accident, and the process of recovering from those injuries, may last far longer. Your life and your well-being could change dramatically if this happens to you. However, you do have choices on how to handle these changes and heal yourself. The process will not always easy, but learning to live with
Signs It's Time to Divorce

5 Signs It’s Time to Divorce

Posted by wpadmin on November 13, 2018
Category: Family Law
Divorce is never easy. When you or your spouse start to discuss the idea of separating, emotions will run high; divorce can feel like a failure. But whether you think it’s good, bad, right, or wrong, the truth is: divorce happens.  The way you handle the news and avalanche of emotions is a big factor in how you can handle divorce. There are ways to prepare for it if you feel it is imminent. You
What Counts as “Providing” Alcohol in Social Host Liability Law
New Jersey dram shop law covers vendors who provide alcohol and those at social gatherings, as well as any liabilities which are associated with this providing.  But, what counts as “providing” alcohol in social host liability law? Dram Shop Laws and Host Liability Dram Shop Law and Social Host Liability are covered under New Jersey Statute 2A: 22A-4, which states that any individual who was injured by an intoxicated person or persons may seek damages

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