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divorcing an addict
The events of everyday life are hectic enough to stress even the best relationships. A marriage takes two dedicated people to be successful. When one of them succumbs to an addiction, the downward spiral that accompanies an addition can become too much to deal with for the spouse of the addict and divorce may result. Divorce, in general, involves a plethora of issues that must be dealt with by the partners. When the situation involves
cyberstalking and divorce new jersey
Social media is a great way to communicate with friends, loved ones and the wider world. But the wide availability of social media networks and channels opens up the possibilities for much darker communications. Sometimes jilted partners can use these sites as a way to stalk and intimidate. This is especially true during contested divorces. Here’s everything you need to know about cyberstalking and New Jersey divorce proceedings. Legal Definition of and Penalties for Cyberstalking
injured in a hit and run accident
Being injured in a car accident is bad enough, but being injured in a hit and run can be devastating. Here’s what you need to do after being injured in a hit and run accident in New Jersey. What to do After a Hit and Run Accident If you, or your vehicle, are struck by a driver who then flees the scene, what can you do to protect yourself? Hit and run accidents can be
can you sue for food poisoning

Can You Sue for Food Poisoning

Posted by Jim DeZao on January 10, 2019
Category: Personal Injury
Roughly one-in-six Americans suffer from food poisoning each year. Foodborne illnesses are often caused by the consumption of contaminated food products. According to the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH), More than 5,000 people in the country are killed every year by foodborne diseases. A further 300,000 are hospitalized. With such worrying statistics, many don’t realize that they can seek restitution for the negligence of a restaurant that caused them to fall ill. So, if
nj child support
Marriage is the mutual joining of two people as partners. It begins with the wedding, a usually joyous event which includes friends and family of the partners. Unfortunately, whether it is due to the stress of everyday life or perhaps a lack of commitment by one or both partners, almost half of the marriages in America end in divorce.   A divorce is not a happy event. It involves a plethora of issues that must

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