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That is where James DeZao steps in. He is an experienced, resourceful, and aggressive attorney who will fight for you. If you have experienced a loss, he can help. Drunk driving accidents can mean massive settlements or compensation for you.


If you have been injured due to a drunk driver’s poor choices, you cannot deal with the consequences alone. The law on the matter is complex. When you need a helping hand, James DeZao is there for you. After a traumatic incident, your focus should be on getting better. Jim can handle the rest of it. 


Jim will work diligently to make sure that your rights are protected and that you obtain as much compensation as allowed by law for your injuries. He will turn over every rock along the way to find evidence against the at-fault driver. This includes analyzing the accident scene, the police report and evidence already collected. Jim will also speak to witnesses of the crash and review any blood tests administered to the driver.


Opposing lawyers or insurance companies will aim to offer you compensation far less than you deserve. An experienced NJ DUI lawyer can get you the maximum amount so you can rest easy when life becomes difficult. Your life has already been turned upside down because you were injured by a drunk driver. Or, worse yet, you lost a family member because of a drunk driver. If the family member you lost was the sole source of income, or brought in the most income, your family could be in a serious financial situation in a matter of weeks.


It is the goal of the insurance company to pay as little as possible when rectifying a claim made against one of its policies. For this reason alone, you need to consult with an experienced NJ drunk driving attorney before speaking to the insurance company or the adjuster sent to investigate your claim. 


Make sure you never provide a statement to the insurance company or an opposing attorney without first speaking to your attorney about what happened. A statement of any kind could lead to the opposing counsel or insurance company blaming you for the accident, even though you truly were not at-fault in the drunk driving crash.


When at the accident scene, be sure not to say too much about what happened to anyone, even if a police officer is talking to you. Give as simple a statement as possible to the officer. Do not expound about what you think happened. You also shouldn’t offer up any information that could wind up putting you in a bad situation, such as mentioning you both left the same establishment at the same time. The other driver hit you. They are at-fault and should be the focus.


The first time you should talk at length about the accident is with an NJ drunk driving attorney since he or she will be representing you in court. Tell them everything that happened, what lane you were in, if you had a green light and much more. The more you remember about the crash, the stronger your case will be against the at-fault driver.


Medical bills, lost wages, and other damages will start to accumulate over time. Do not delay. Call James DeZao today. After you have been hit by a drunk driver, you need to start the process of getting your life back to normal right away. Any and all postponement of necessary actions can greatly hamper your case.


Drunk Driving and the Holidays

Drunk Driving and the Holidays

From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve tens of millions of us travel, and too many of us drink and drive. Add to that winter weather conditions and long hours of darkness, and what the results are some of the most dangerous times of the year to be on the road. An estimated 98.6 million Americans travelled fifty miles or more from their home during the 2014 holiday season (December 23 through January 4) with another estimated 46.3 million travelling during Thanksgiving. It’s also estimated that about 70,000 Americans will be seriously injured in auto accidents, and more than 680 will die during the holiday season, according to… read more.

The holidays are unfortunately a common time of year for drunk driving accidents. For one, there are a lot more people on the roads. Secondly, a lot more people are reuniting with friends and family to celebrate. Parties are held at offices, homes and restaurants across the state of New Jersey regularly during the holiday season. The danger of driving during the holidays seems to increase with each passing year. If you or a loved one is injured in a drunk driving accident this holiday season, be sure to speak with The Law Offices of James C. DeZao, P.A. at your earliest convenience.


New Jersey Law

New Jersey is strict when it comes to drunk driving. Unfortunately, the police cannot keep an eye on every driver on the road. 1,816 people were killed in the State of New Jersey due to drunk drivers. It can happen to anyone. When it happens to your loved one, your life is turned upside down in an instant. Your whole world comes crashing down. You might not want to go on or continue with your life. This is understandable. Our team will provide you with extensive, compassionate legal representation so you can focus on healing from your injuries, physical or emotional. 

The system trusts you to hold people accountable. We understand that you cannot go back and have an injured body part back like new. In the same way, there is no way to replace a lost loved one. In these trying times, you should know that there is help and The Law Offices of James C. DeZao, P.A. will provide compassionate representation to you and your loved ones in this difficult time of need.

“Driving under the influence”, or “Driving while intoxicated” is the term for alcohol-related driving behavior. It is responsible for nearly 1/3 of all traffic deaths in this country. Many of these impaired drivers are repeat offenders and all can cause a heavy burden of death and/or injury to themselves and to innocent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Aside from causing millions of dollars in medical expenses, drunk driving accidents can also cause millions of dollars in property damage if the crash damages other vehicles and buildings.

Anyone who causes an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol or another substance is considered negligent. This means that the victim of the accident will be able to file a lawsuit for damages. These damages can include lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of consortium and more. A NJ drunk driving attorney will be able to explain your rights and what type of compensation you can seek from the at-fault party. Punitive damages are also possible, but it all depends on the discretion of the judge. Punitive damages are those awarded by a judge and assigned to the defendant in an effort to prevent him or her from taking part in the same behavior in the future.

The Consequences of a DUI/DWI

Unfortunately, this is of little comfort to someone who has sustained injuries or lost a loved one in an alcohol-related accident. The driver convicted of DUI has the liability to pay for all damages, but may not be the only person considered negligent or liable. Those who provided the alcohol may also be considered negligent and liable for damages. This can include a bartender, a restaurant owner, a general manager, a liquor store employee or owner and many other people.

Many states have laws which impose liability on bars, clubs, restaurants, or hotels which supply liquor improperly. In such cases, a business is expected to exercise due care and not to serve anyone who is obviously drunk. It is the responsibility of those working at the establishment to monitor the alcohol intake of their customers in an effort to prevent tragic accidents. If it comes to cutting a patron off and removing them from the establishment, this is permitted. The establishment can also call the police to have the patron removed if they refuse to listen to the instructions begin given.

Even someone outside of such a business may incur liability for supplying liquor to a driver who subsequently had an accident, injuring or killing others. The host of a party may be liable in some states if he continues to allow a guest to imbibe after it is obvious that the guest is under the influence. Oftentimes, parents of minors are held accountable for the actions of their minor child who injures or kills someone in a drunk driving accident in New Jersey. The same can be said for parents who host a party and provide alcohol to minors who then get behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

The driver responsible for a drunk driving accident can wind up spending years in jail for their crimes, have to pay thousands of dollars in fines, might owe restitution and could face punitive damages applied by the judge in the case. The driver who caused the accident might also lose their license for a lengthy period, preventing them from transporting themselves to and from work, school or any other location. Again, this does not provide comfort for you or your family when a loved one is injured or killed by a drunk driver.


Seek Legal Representation Today

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident because of a drunk driver, you need to protect your rights immediately. Never speak to the other person’s attorney or an insurance company about the crash without first speaking to your own attorney. We at The Law Offices of James C. DeZao, P.A. are dedicated to fighting for the rights of our clients. An NJ drunk driving attorney from our firm will fight for the compensation you deserve so your financial situation doesn’t go into a tailspin due to being too injured to work. Call us today for a free consultation at 1-833-JIMHELPS and we will begin building a strong case against the at-fault driver.

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