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Motor Vehicle Accident leads to Permanent Injury

Verdict: $25,000

Thomas R. Vena

Essex County Superior Court

Plaintiff Attorney(s)
James C. Dezao III, Law Offices of James C. Dezao, P.A., Parsippany, NJ
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Defendant Attorney(s)
Jill Carlson, Law Offices of Pamela D. Hargrove, Cranford, NJ

Facts & Allegations
On Dec. 27, 2010, plaintiff Amani Shakur, 41, a Newark Public Works employee, was at work and driving a municipal truck when he was rear-ended by a vehicle driven by Mary T. Kranzfelder with the permissive use of Richard J. Kranzfelder. Shakur claimed lumbar and cervical disc bulging as a result of the accident. Shakur sued both Kranzfelders for negligence, which was not disputed.

bulging disc, cervical; bulging disc, lumbar; back and neck; lower back; chiropractic; physical therapy Shakur did not seek immediate medical treatment but eventually presented to chiropractor with complaints of back and neck pain. He began chiropractic treatment and also underwent physical therapy. MRIs revealed various lumbar and cervical disc bulges. The defense contended that all of Shakur’s claimed injuries were due to degenerative conditions and not related to the motor vehicle accident. The parties agreed to try the case pursuant to the expedited procedure that allows for the direct introduction of medical records and expert reports without the necessity of live witness testimony. In consideration for expedited procedure, a $50,000 cap on any damage award was agreed to and there was a waiver of the right to appeal.

The jury determined that Shakur did suffer permanent injury as a result of the motor vehicle accident and returned a damage award of $25,000.

Trial Details

  • Trial Length: 2 Days
  • Jury Deliberations: 4 Hours
  • Jury Poll: 6-0
  • Jury Composition: None reported


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