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Attorney Jim Dezao

James C. DeZao, Esq.

Owner & Attorney

New Jersey employment attorney

James C. DeZao, Jr.

Office Manager


First name Last name Designation Phone Ext.
Aglaia Davis Attorney
Allison Paterson Office Manager 220
Anna Odrzywolska Paralegal 251
David Affinito, Esq. Attorney 242
Debi McDermott Paralegal 261
Frank DeZao Paralegal 239
Helena Ramos Paralegal 240
Jennifer Checo Calendar Secretary 229
Johanna Figueroa Paralegal 244
John Holly, Esq. Attorney 238
John Kratzer Investigator 207
Karen Molinari Paralegal 215
Kathy Cehelsky, Esq. Attorney 254
Kristina Politi Paralegal 230
Margaret Mead, Esq. Attorney 266
Mark Kramer Paralegal 214
Marlana DiGiovine Chief Financial Officer 219
Oscar Cruz Marketing/Technical Support 227
Sandra Jedryczka Paralegal 248
Tawana Williams Paralegal 231
Rachel Colella Marketing 258
Valentina Failla Paralegal 241
Veronica Catanzaro Paralegal 246
Veronica Melo Paralegal 212
Yessica Nieto Paralegal 257

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