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New Jersey’s Most Dangerous Roadways

New Jersey’s Most Dangerous Roadways

If they’re on this list, you don’t want to be on these roads. But life gets in the way sometimes — because you live in a certain place, you may, for practical reasons, need to use one of these roads to get to work or to go shopping. If you do, be especially careful because the statistics are not good.

We’re talking about the list put together by NJ Advance Media (which owns and several area newspapers) of the ten sections of highway in New Jersey where you’re most likely to be involved in a collision, based on state Department of Transportation 2014 crash statistics.

Why are these roads dangerous? There are hundreds of crashes on relatively short sections of highways with high traffic volumes. The longest stretch of the ten worst roads was four and a half miles long. With more traffic, the chances of a collision increase, especially if there are back-ups and drivers are inattentive or aggressive. The total number of accidents was down slightly on four of these roads, but increased on three sections between 2013 and 2014.

The most dangerous area was a busy section of Route 22 in Union Township. It has retail stores on the center median that divides eastbound and westbound lanes. That one-mile long area had 246 crashes in 2014, down from 262 collisions in 2013.

The carnage on Route 22 continues. In August 2016 a crash on Route 22 in Bridgewater killed two pedestrians. Two people were apparently walking across the road when they were struck and killed. The scene was in front of the Bridgewater Diner, which is in the median separating the eastbound and westbound lanes.

In-and-out traffic from retailers also plays a role in the danger of a two-mile section of Route 17 in Paramus and Route 1 near the Quaker Bridge and Mercer malls in West Windsor.

According to 2014 statistics, these roads have the most accidents in New Jersey:

  1. Route 130: Route 38 to Myrtle Avenue, Pennsauken, 136 crashes.
  2. Route 46: Browertown Road to Notch Road, Little Falls, 142 crashes.
  3. Route 130: New Albany Road to Rancocas Creek, between Delran and Delanco, 143 crashes.
  4. Route 9: Pond Road to Covered Bridge Boulevard, Manalapan, 155 crashes.
  5. Route 1: Pulaksi Skyway, Broadway to Route 139, Jersey City, 194 crashes.
  6. Route 1: Quaker Bridge Road to Alexander Road, West Windsor, 218 crashes.
  7. Route 27: Stuart Place to Thompson Avenue between Linden and Roselle, 219 crashes.
  8. Route 17: Powers Drive to Linwood Avenue, Paramus, 231 crashes.
  9. Route 37: Thomas Street to Barnegat Bay, Toms River, 236 crashes.
  10. Route 22: Jefferson Avenue to Madison Avenue, Union Township, 246 crashes.

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