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Think Flint’s Lead Contamination Problem is Bad? Think Again.

Flint, Michigan, has gotten worldwide attention because of the problems residents have with water contaminated with lead. When local officials switched water supplies to one with more acidic water, it caused the lead in water pipes and fittings to leach out into drinking water. Reuters recently investigated the issue nationwide and found about 3,000 communities in the U.S. where lead contamination is worse than in Flint, though these communities receive virtually no public attention. Many New Jersey school systems have come under scrutiny after water tests showed high levels of lead.

New Jersey Medical Clinic Shut Down Due to High Infection Rates is Open Again

The Osteo Relief Institute, a medical clinic specializing in knee pain in Wall Township, was shut down by state health officials on March 7 but was back in operation two weeks later. Thirty-eight patients were infected by injections, reports This instance is just a small part of hundreds of thousands of infections patients suffer when they obtain medical care across the country. Monmouth County Health Department officials found that employees weren’t properly washing their hands and allowed full needles to sit “well before” they were used on patients. After a re-inspection, the clinic re-opened. The state confirmed 38 reported cases of infections due to injections but an investigation continues. The problem of infections caused by health care providers is well known and widespread. Results of the HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections) Prevalence Survey were published in 2014, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It reports that an estimated 722,000 infections occurred in U.S. acute care hospitals and about 75,000 patients with HAI’s died during their hospitalizations in 2011. As the Osteo Relief case shows, the problem isn’t limited to hospitals. The CDC also states that in the past ten years more than thirty outbreaks of hepatitis B and C in non-hospital healthcare settings occurred in outpatient clinics, dialysis centers and long-term care facilities. Often infections can spread between medical facilities. Patients infected in hospitals may be transferred to rehabilitation facilities or nursing homes where infections spread to other patients and residents. Infections in skilled nursing facilities can make their way to hospitals if an infected resident is transferred to a hospital. While many infections can be dealt with...

Defective Hoverboards Claim Their First Life

A Pennsylvania family is grieving the loss of a three-year-old killed in a house fire last month in Harrisburg. The cause is believed to be a re-charging hoverboard that burst into flames, starting the fire that caused the fatality and left two house occupants in critical condition. Such an accident can happen in New Jersey if defective batteries are re-charged and catch fire.

Seatbelts Save Lives, Maybe Even Yours

Seatbelts are something you don’t appreciate until you need them. Hopefully you buckle up without even thinking about it whenever you get into a vehicle. Some of us may have cheated death or were able to suffer only minor harm in accidents that, without seatbelts, may have been fatal or left us suffering lifelong, serious disabilities.

Workplace Accidents Could Cause Blindness

If you have suffered an eye injury or problems with your vision due to an accident or exposure to toxic substances at work in New Jersey, you’re not alone. Ten of thousands of workers suffer eye injuries while working, and Prevent Blindness has set aside March as Workplace Eye Wellness Month.

More exhausted residents = more dead patients?

Think you work long hours? Medical residents, those who have graduated medical school and are working in hospitals to get hands-on experience, can currently work up to 16 hours a shift. The private group overseeing physician training in the country is proposing that it be increased to 28 hours, reports the Los Angeles Times. That may mean exhausted residents treating patients in New Jersey hospitals in the future.

Distracted Drivers Are Killing More People Than Drunk Drivers

Thanks to many years of effective messaging, the dangers of drunk driving are well known. Though too many people get behind the wheel after drinking too much, for most of us it’s not socially acceptable or something we would do. Distracted driving doesn’t yet have the same stigma; while you may rarely see a driver with a beer in his hand, it’s not unusual to see someone holding a phone while driving. The fact that distracted drivers killed more people than anyone else in New Jersey in 2015 is evidence of how far we have to go.

Trump Administration Travel Ban Faces Legal Challenges

President Trump signed an executive order in late January to bar, for at least ninety days, almost all permanent immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Syria and Iraq. It has many supporters and critics in New Jersey and has spawned numerous lawsuits in federal courts across the country. These lawsuits involve non-profit advocacy groups as well as state attorneys general (including New York’s) challenging the order.

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