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When someone is injured as a result of unsafe property or building conditions, they may have a right to claim their damages against the owner of the property. In some states, the landowner’s duty to protect an entrant on the land depends on whether that person is a trespasser, licensee or an invitee. The landowner’s responsibilities are different for each type of entrant. The landowner owes less of a duty to protect the trespasser than the other types of entrants. The landowner’s duty of care is highest for business invitees. Some states, however, have done away with these multiple classifications in favor of one standard of “reasonableness under the circumstances” of a particular case.

Common Premises Liability Claims


Slip and Fall Injuries

Similar to most other states, New Jersey’s slip and fall liability include any occasion where someone is injured as a result of unsafe property or treacherous building conditions. Landowners and property managers must keep their premises safe, and overlooking this duty of care may encourage a lawsuit against them.

Dog Bites

In the state of New Jersey, dog owners are expected to keep their pets from attacking others and are held liable if their pet bites another person. This liability applies regardless of whether they are on public or private property – including their own home. If the victim provided consent to be in their home, trespassers likely can’t file a premises liability claim. Dog owners, however,  are not the only ones with responsibility for safety, as landlords are also liable for attacks on their property.

Inadequate Security

Owners of property that is open to the public, such as grocery stores or shopping centers, or an establishment where people reside, such as an apartment complex, must provide security that keeps everyone on the property safe. Failure to properly train security personnel, provide sufficient lighting, and a lack of visible warning signs must be remedied as soon as those issues are discovered. If an individual is the victim of a crime due to poor or inadequate security, they

Permises Liability
How Much Can I Get For My Premise Liability Case?

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