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Child Custody

New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer

For couples with children, the future care and provisions for the children are a focal point of the divorce proceedings. At the Law Offices of James C. DeZao, our attorneys are committed to advocating for the preservation of the relationship you have with your child and to ensure he or she is provided the support needed.


In New Jersey, decisions about child custody and parenting time must be based on a child’s best interests. This is why no one form of custody is given preference over another. All families are different, and custody arrangements reflect this. What your custody arrangement ultimately looks like will be based on many factors, such as each parent’s pre-existing relationship with the child, parent work schedules, and your child’s psychological needs, as well as any special or medical needs. Custody laws in New Jersey are gender neutral, giving both parents equal footing in the eyes of the law.


Judges in New Jersey often strive to create joint custody arrangements to preserve the relationship the child has with both parents. Generally, sole custody is only granted if one parent is uninterested or unable to provide care. Otherwise, one parent will be named the parent of primary residence and the other parent of alternate residence. This is the foundation for visitation and parenting-time arrangements

Child Support

Child support is generally fairly formulaic, determined by standardized guidelines. These include custody, visitation arrangements, the income of the parents, needs of the child, lifestyle and other expectations. While there is a small degree of flexibility in this, it is generally statutory.

If you feel, however, that your former spouse is being untruthful in regard to any of these variables, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf to ensure your child is supported appropriately.

Modifications And Relocations

Over the life of the divorce decree, circumstances may change in the lives of the parents and children. This could include career changes, need for relocation, remarriage, additional needs of the child and other factors that could require the original decree to be modified.

In order for the agreement to be changed, the individual seeking modification must file a petition, demonstrating a significant change in circumstances that will affect custody, visitation or support. The judge has discretionary authority over whether or not to approve the motion to modify. It is important that you hire a lawyer who understands the process and can zealously advocate on your behalf in the protection of the best interests of your child

New Jersey Child Custody Law

Having a good relationship with your child should not depend on your standing in your former partner’s eyes. After a separation or divorce, you deserve to continue to see your children and be involved in their lives. Our child custody lawyers offer a series of services to help you get through custody agreements without stressing over the details of the situation.

To learn more about how we can assist you in seeking agreements and modifications that best serve your child’s future and preserve the relationship you have with your children please call The Law Offices of James C. DeZao at (855) 432-2489 today!

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