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NJ Business Litigation

Business litigation is an area of the law you should never ignore when running a business. Almost every business will wind up facing some form of litigation while it is operational. Potential lawsuits can include issues with employees, vendors, clients, consumers and more. Business litigation, if not handled properly, can cost your business thousands of dollars in fees, fines, and even more if you lose the lawsuit or are forced to settle before reaching court. Businesses can be taken to small claims court and face a multitude of lawsuits for various problems that might arise because of an issue with a product or service you offer, something an employee does or says, and many other problems. Are you facing a wrongful termination lawsuit? How about a discrimination lawsuit? These are major legal issues that any company can face and should not handle alone.

Partnership Disputes

Conflicts that arise between business partners can quickly escalate to a legal matter if you cannot resolve them in a timely manner. Partnership disputes happen often, and when they escalate, they threaten the stability of the partnership. The most common partnership disputes are disagreements over the length of the partnership agreement, conflicts over how the business is managed, an imbalance of the workload between the partners, one partner alleging misconduct of another, disagreements on the allocation of assets and resources, and more. The best way to avoid a partnership agreement is to hire a business law attorney from the outset. An experienced business law attorney can help you draft the partnership agreement so that both parties feel protected and ensure they are not taken advantage of when they sign on the dotted line. The best partnership agreements will help reduce the chances of winding up in a partnership dispute.

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Business Disputes

It is inevitable that your business will one day wind up in a dispute. It’s just the nature of the business world. For the most part, a business dispute involves your business and at least one other company. The disagreements typically center around a contract between the two parties and who is to perform what duty or to what length they are required to perform those duties. Business disputes can arise between two companies, a company and its employees, a company and its vendors, a company and its customers and many other relationships. Businesses are not able to limit the liability they face, but they can take steps to reduce the number of business disputes in which they are involved. This is done by putting strong policies and procedures in place that govern the daily operations of the company and its employees. If a dispute arises, the company can turn to their policies to ensure they were followed. If they were, the dispute should be thrown out fairly quickly. If they weren’t followed, the dispute could lead to litigation.

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