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Motorcycle accidents cause a much higher incidence of death and injury per accident than car accidents. In other words, if you are involved in a vehicle accident and you are on a motorcycle, you are three times more likely to be injured and 14 times more likely to be killed.

Helmet laws, enacted in many states, are helping to reduce these numbers, but motorcyclists still are at greater risk of death or injury than those in passenger vehicles.

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Precautions for Motorcycle Accidents

It is always wise to take precautions when riding a motorcycle, including:

  • Wear a helmet and require your passengers to do so.
  • Obey the traffic laws, especially in regard to speeding, passing, and following too closely.
  • Remember that you are not as large or as visible as an automobile, so do all you can to increase your own visibility, such as riding with the headlight on at all times and wearing reflective clothing after dark.
  • Be sure you are able to control the motorcycle while carrying a passenger and insist that the passenger obey your directions.
  • Road hazards have a much greater effect on a small two-wheel vehicle, so watch for bumps, cracks in the road, loose gravel or any other condition that might cause you to lose control.

Unfortunately, even those who operate their motorcycles safely get into accidents. Negligent drivers are not always on the lookout for motorcycles, and people underestimate the speed and agility of bikes. Wrecks are inevitable on the road, but you should know that there is help for those who need it

What James DeZao Can Do for You

James DeZao is an experienced NJ personal injury lawyer. He has helped resolve many cases in his clients’ favor, and he wants to do the same for you. If you have been hit by a car on your motorcycle, the suffering can be catastrophic. Injuries you sustain can hamper your day-to-day life.

When you need a helping hand, turn to DeZao Law. While you cannot completely fix an injured body part, you can receive just compensation for someone’s negligent actions. The system trusts you to hold people accountable for their poor choices, and you should fight for your rights.

The Repercussions for You

Medical bills, loss of wages, and other expense will begin to add up very quickly. Many people are surprised at how much their daily lives are impacted by a single motorcycle crash. It is hard enough to go back to your daily life emotionally, and often the physical aspects of returning to your schedule is hard as well.

James DeZao can take care of that for you, so you can focus on getting your life back. After the trauma of a motorcycle accident, you should only worry about yourself. James DeZao is an expert motorcycle accident attorney, and he will explore the fine details so you do not have to.

After you have been in a motorcycle wreck, every passing day matters. You cannot wait to have a lawyer by your side. Call us today, so we can get started on getting you the compensation that you are owed.

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