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Attorney Jim Dezao

James C. DeZao, Esq.

Owner & Attorney

New Jersey employment attorney

James C. DeZao, Jr.

Office Manager


Firstname Lastname Email Designation Phone Ext.
Allison Paterson [email protected] Office Manager 220
Anna Odrzywolska [email protected] Paralegal 251
Bianca Hernandez [email protected] Paralegal 260
Crisleidy Checo [email protected] Paralegal 247
David Affinito, Esq. [email protected] Attorney 242
Debi McDermott [email protected] Paralegal 261
Frank DeZao [email protected] Paralegal 239
Gabrielle Kowalski [email protected] Paralegal 216
Gerald Wynn [email protected] Paralegal 266
Helena Ramos [email protected] Paralegal 240
Isamar Flores [email protected] Marketing 258
Lucy Tafuri [email protected] Paralegal 244
Jennifer Checo [email protected] Calendar Secretary 229
John Holly, Esq. [email protected] Attorney 238
Joseph Colella [email protected] Paralegal 211
John Kratzer [email protected] Investigator 207
Karen Molinari [email protected] Paralegal 215
Kathy Cehelsky, Esq. [email protected] Attorney 254
Kristina Politi [email protected] Paralegal 230
Leila Goodwin [email protected] Paralegal 214
Lisa Thorne [email protected] Paralegal 231
Lucy Tafuri [email protected] Paralegal 244
Maria Bowen [email protected] Receptionist 208
Mark Kramer [email protected] Paralegal 214
Marlana DiGiovine [email protected] Chief Financial Officer 219
Oscar Cruz [email protected] Marketing/Technical Support 227
Reem Ishak [email protected] Paralegal 226
Sandra Jedryczka [email protected] Paralegal 248
Valentina Failla [email protected] Paralegal 241
Veronica Catanzaro [email protected] Paralegal 246
Veronica Melo [email protected] Paralegal 212

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