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Brain and head injuries are painful and disruptive to daily living, and can even become more troublesome when unchecked. Whiplash is one of the soft-tissue injuries involving the brain, head, and neck regions that need your full attention. Whiplash is a painful injury involving the muscles and tendons of the neck due to abrupt movement or deceleration/acceleration. Its leading cause is rear-end car accidents, followed by physical abuse or assault, and contact sports. Filing both
boating accident lawsuits
The New Jersey summer season is getting close, and warmer days mean fairer weather for boating. As temperatures rise, more and more people will take to the water in their personal watercraft, from kayaks to motorboats to yachts. Crowded waterways can lead to collisions, which can then lead to all sorts of problems. Anyone intending to sail or ride this summer should be aware of the risks and know their rights before getting involved in
New jersey birth injury laws

New Jersey Birth Injury Law 101

Posted by Jim DeZao on February 15, 2018
Category: Medical Malpractice
There is nothing more tragic than giving birth and coming home without a baby. A newborn left at the hospital due to doctor’s negligence is a parent’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, there are far too many cases of birth injuries in the United States. In New Jersey alone, as many as 22 children are born every day with birth injuries. While majority of these injuries will heal over time – such as broken bones – some
What is Considered Police Brutality in New Jersey
To protect and to serve – this is a motto that many law enforcement agencies in the United States carry. The New Jersey police force must respect the rights of individuals when enforcing the law. When they violate this commitment, they are held accountable for their misconduct. So just what is considered police brutality in New Jersey? Defining Police Brutality While police officers are allowed to use reasonable force to protect themselves and others, excessive
Traumatic brain injuries are more severe and happen more frequently than you think. TBIs account for approximately 30 percent of all injury deaths. A TBI is primarily caused by a jerk, shock or jolt to the head that disturbs the normal functioning of the brain. This can happen at work, while hanging out with friends, while driving, and even at home. Effects of traumatic brain injury typically include issues from impaired thinking to emotional functioning.

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