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Workplace Accidents Could Cause Blindness

If you have suffered an eye injury or problems with your vision due to an accident or exposure to toxic substances at work in New Jersey, you’re not alone. Ten of thousands of workers suffer eye injuries while working, and Prevent Blindness has set aside March as Workplace Eye Wellness Month.

More exhausted residents = more dead patients?

Think you work long hours? Medical residents, those who have graduated medical school and are working in hospitals to get hands-on experience, can currently work up to 16 hours a shift. The private group overseeing physician training in the country is proposing that it be increased to 28 hours, reports the Los Angeles Times. That may mean exhausted residents treating patients in New Jersey hospitals in the future.

Distracted Drivers Are Killing More People Than Drunk Drivers

Thanks to many years of effective messaging, the dangers of drunk driving are well known. Though too many people get behind the wheel after drinking too much, for most of us it’s not socially acceptable or something we would do. Distracted driving doesn’t yet have the same stigma; while you may rarely see a driver with a beer in his hand, it’s not unusual to see someone holding a phone while driving. The fact that distracted drivers killed more people than anyone else in New Jersey in 2015 is evidence of how far we have to go.

Trump Administration Travel Ban Faces Legal Challenges

President Trump signed an executive order in late January to bar, for at least ninety days, almost all permanent immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Syria and Iraq. It has many supporters and critics in New Jersey and has spawned numerous lawsuits in federal courts across the country. These lawsuits involve non-profit advocacy groups as well as state attorneys general (including New York’s) challenging the order.

Can You Hear Me Now? Vehicles Will Soon Be Communicating with Each Other

The New Jersey of the future could be a place where cars talk to each other so travel can be safer for vehicle drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The federal government is proposing that all new cars and light trucks communicate wirelessly to one another, with traffic lights and other roadway infrastructure. The hope is that this could dramatically cut the number of traffic deaths and reduce the number and lessen the severity of injuries, according to Fortune magazine.

Smartphone Apps are Hazardous to Your Health

Apps (or applications) are what separates smartphones from cell phones. They greatly expand the usefulness and utility of your smartphone beyond texting or calling someone. But using apps requires attention and effort. When that attention and effort distracts a driver from safely driving, the results can be deadly.

Where There’s Smoke There Should Be a Working Smoke Detector

A fire in your home could be a living nightmare. A functioning smoke or fire detector should give you enough time to safely get out of your home and call for help. If that detector isn’t working properly, especially if a fire occurs at night when you’re asleep, the results can be catastrophic. We rely on these devices to keep us safe without giving them much thought.

Less Light, More Danger This Time of Year

With the end of daylight savings time and more darkness, when most people drive home from work in the evening, comes greater risk of pedestrians getting involved in motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey. Because there is less light and worse visibility, pedestrians may not see oncoming vehicles, and drivers may not notice pedestrians walking onto the street.

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